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SCA Ltd COVID-19 Response Plan

COVID Safety Plan for Wandi Community Centre Oval

COVID Safety Plan for Clubrooms (Phase 3)

COVID Safety Plan for Clubrooms (Phase 4)

Conditions of Hire for Wandi Progress Association – City of Kwinana – Phase 3 requires the highlighted paragraphs to come into effect; Phase 4 deletes these paragraphs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to maintain 1.5m physical distancing from people?

SCA Response Plan requires that all participants are physically distanced at all times, consistent with local jurisdictional requirements. Appropriate physical distances must be maintained in accordance with any requirements applicable of the jurisdiction they are in (typically 1.5 metres).

The Australian Government has released guidelines which state that to stay Covid free, the public should ‘do the 3’, which is: maintaining hygiene protocols, physical distancing and using the contact tracing app. Thus you should endeavour to maintain the 1.5m physical distancing as best as possible, given this is also strongly advertised in shopping centres and on WA State Government publications. It is up to you to decide if that’s a recommendation or suggestion rather than mandated, but we can all agree it’s a bloody good suggestion in order to minimise transmission of potentially contagious aerosols.

Do I need to wear a mask?

The wearing of masks is not required under the current Phase 4 State restrictions. Attendees must not be vilified for wearing a face covering intended to reduce the spread of, or protect the wearer from, airborne droplets.

How should I clean?

It is best to follow State cleaning and sanitising guidelines and SafeWork’s cleaning checklist. Attendees must frequently wash and scrub hands with soap and water and/or vigorously rub with hand sanitizer.

Is cash allowed?

Cash is now permitted for transactions. So you can use cash at the night markets. Direct debits to pre-pay for attending the event is still preferred.

Can we do archery and combat events?

These events are guided by the State restrictions for WA. As such, non-contact training, archery, rapier and heavy combat are permitted as shown by SCA’s Restrictions Register.

Rapier and armoured combat requires low-contact inspections to be carried out to maintain the health and safety of all combatants, students and marshals.

Can we do dancing and singing?

Teaching of specific dances, music and other related activities that do not require close proximity falls into the ‘non-contact sports’ category for local jurisdictional requirements.

Dances that include contact or close proximity, and singing and playing wind instruments are considered ‘contact sports’.

Both are permitted under Phase 4 restrictions as per the SCA’s Restrictions Register.

Can we share equipment at the event?

Attendees must not share equipment between participants unless it has been adequately cleaned between each user as per the SCA Ltd COVID-19 Response Plan.

Who can serve drinks and food?

Food and drink may be served to patrons. Patrons must not help themselves from a buffet to ensure mishandling does not occur. It is encouraged for those serving to have completed the National COVID-19 Food Information and Training Course but not necessary as the Event Steward and several others in the stewarding team have completed the relevant hygiene training course.

What if I need first aid?

If first aid is anticipated to be provided at events, nitrile (or equivalent) gloves and a p2 (or equivalent) protective mask must be supplied by the sponsoring group. Provision of first aid must adhere to any Chirugeonate requirements

Why is SCA Response Plan to COVID-19 at times more strict than State jurisdictional requirements?

When creating the SCA Ltd COVID-19 Response Plan a risk assessment evaluated the level of risk associated with a return to face-to-face events in Australia. In consultation with the Board of Directors and the Insurer a return to face-to-face events was agreed upon if the following control measures are applied at all events.

I have booked and paid for the event, but I’m feeling sick. What happens?

You may only attend face-to-face events if you are currently well, and have not had symptoms of infectious illness in the past 72 hours.

Participants who are not able to attend due to symptoms consistent with COVID-19, and any other participant unable to continue to participate as a result of this, are entitled to a refund in full, in accordance with the SCA Ltd COVID-19 Response Plan.

What happens if someone doesn’t follow these guidelines?

It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that the virus does not spread. Anyone deliberately not following the above guidelines will be ejected from the event without refund.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

COVID-19 compliance must be maintained. Please contact the Event Steward (Gummi Vkoinen), Seneschal of Dragons Bay (Slaine) or Seneschal of Aneala (Konrad) if you have any questions.

Where can I find official State jurisdictional requirements and information?

Visit for information and advice on COVID-19
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What additional posters can help remind me to follow COVID-19 safety measures?