Site Guidelines

Camp Fires – if permitted

The following rules apply:

  1. Fires must be attended at all times and completely extinguished prior to leaving them.
  2. No fires are allowed under the paperbarks or within 3m of any tree or flammable material.
  3. No less than 2 buckets of water or an appropriate fire extinguisher should be directly near the fire at all times.
  4. Care to protect the grass from damage must be taken.
  5. All fires must be 3m away from any tents.

Pets are permitted

The following rules apply:

  • Dogs to be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Droppings to be collected and disposed of.
  • Food and water must be provided for your pet.
  • No pets in the feasting areas (with the exception of licensed service animals).
  • Pets should be well-socialised and kept under control.

COVID-19 Hygiene rules apply