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Timetables for 2024

Are you ready to Raid‽

Western Raids will run from 3 pm Friday 31st May to 1 pm Monday 3rd June 2024.

Greetings, noble travellers and seekers of medieval delights!

Embark on a journey to the far western reaches of Lochac for an unforgettable weekend of medieval immersion at Western Raids! Join like-minded friends in a realm of adventure where the echoes of the past come alive.

Discover the Silk Road Markets:
Step into a vibrant marketplace filled with treasures and delights inspired by the Silk Road. Browse through a myriad of wares, savour exotic treats, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of medieval craftsmanship.

Feats of Prowess and Competitions:
Witness and partake in epic tournaments and displays of skill that will transport you back to an age of chivalry and honour. Engage in friendly competition, showcase your prowess, and claim glory on the battlefield.

Entertainment Beyond Imagining:
Delight in the merriment of singing, dancing, and a myriad of medieval activities that will captivate your senses. Attend classes to hone your skills or learn ancient arts, ensuring that every moment is filled with enchantment.

Bardic Tales by the Fire:
As the sun sets, gather around the flickering flames to share your best Bardic tales, songs, or performances. Warm your spirit with the camaraderie of fellow travellers and let the tales of old weave a spellbinding atmosphere.

Bookings Officer Assistance:
For our esteemed travellers, our diligent bookings officer awaits your arrival to assist with any arrangements. Ensure a seamless experience by checking in and letting us cater to your needs with the utmost care and hospitality.

Join us for a weekend where medieval history takes over, forge memories that will last a lifetime. Western Raids beckon, and the adventure awaits!

May your journey be swift and your heart filled with the spirit of medieval revelry!